Our Airfields

Hovering at Moody Court

RC Buddy Box Flight School 4 Kids is headquartered at our facilities at 101 Moody Court in Thousand Oaks. At that location we have a club room and parent lounge, and an indoor and outdoor area for hovering small RC aircraft. Training begins in the club room with computer based flight simulators. We can provide a flight experience for both radio controlled aircraft as well as full scale "real" aircraft.

Students can progress from simulated flight, to actual flight on our premesis or at local fields where fast forward flight can occur. Once a certain level of flight has been accomplished, most students return to the simulator to practice more challenging aircraft and more challenging aerobatic maneuvers.

Pictured to the left is a buddy box setup referring to two R/C aircraft radio systems joined together for pilot training purposes. This training system is universal among the six major R/C radio manufacturers (Spektrum, Futaba, JR, Hitec, Sanwa/Airtronics and KO Propo) which means that transmitters do not have to be the same brand in order to be joined via an umbilical cable. FS4K has four Spektrum and two Futaba transmitters that can be used in this configuration.

Buddy boxing is accomplished by joining the student and master transmitters via a cable or wireless link with newer models. The student is given control of the aircraft via a long-handled, spring-loaded switch on the top left corner of most transmitters located on the master transmitter, normally held by the instructor. When the switch is pulled forward and held on by the instructor's left index finger, control of the aircraft is at the student's transmitter. Should the instructor judge that the student is encountering difficulty in flight, control is transferred to the master transmitter merely by releasing the switch. This is similar to the concept of dual flight controls in full scale aircraft and even the airlines.

Forward Flight on Janss Road

Once a student is capable of hovering and basic orientation, they are ready to graduate to a bigger flying field with space for small and large aircraft. The Conejo Recreation and Park District allows operation of electric powered radio controlled aricraft on the north unimproved portion of the Conejo Creek South Park (see photo below) located at 1300 E. Janss Road Thousand Oaks, a short distance from our club house. This 55-acre property was originally acquired in 1972. This is the largest sports turf area in the Conejo Valley. Additionally, a 2,400 square foot snack shack with meeting rooms and restrooms, was completed in March 2013.

Conejo Creek South Park

Fly in Area Shown in Red

Gliders and Bigger Craft at Paramount Ranch

In 1927, Paramount Pictures purchased 2,700 acres of the old Rancho Las Virgenes for use as a "movie ranch. After purchasing a portion of the original Paramount property in 1980, the National Park Service revitalized the old movie ranch. The park is located at 2903 Cornell Road, Agoura Hills, CA, 91301. This is just a few miles from our club house.

Part of the National Park Service facility is the old Paramount Ranch Racetrack (sometimes called Paramount Ranch Raceway). A total of seven races were held at Paramount Ranch from 1956-1957. After a series of fatalities in short proximity to each other, Paramount Ranch Racetrack was closed.

Today, very little remains of the racetrack. The bridge still remains however it has been blocked off so vehicles cannot drive over it. However the Park Service elected to allow electric powered aircraft to operate on this site in keeping with its historical use for motor sports. It is an ideal location for flying helicopters, fixed wing powered aircraft and gliders.

Paramount Ranch

Fly in Area Shown in Red

Flying Club Sites

There are several fly clubs in the immediate area. Students are encouraged to join other entheusiasts who enjoy flying sports.

The Conejo Valley Flyers Field is located on an unpaved road a quarter mile beyond a gate located at the North end of Academy Drive in Newbury Park. Both gas and electric aircraft are allowed. It is usually open to the public on Saturday and Sunday mornings from about 8 AM to 11 AM. One-time guest flying is allowed with a current AMA membership card. Club meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM at the Goebel Senior Center located at 1385 East Janss Road in Thousand Oaks. The public is welcome.

Conejo Valley Flyers

Conejo Valley Flyers Field

Thousand Oaks Soaring Society is a social club chartered by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA Club 1493) whose purpose is to promote the building and flying of radio controlled model sailplanes. We have about 35 members who have a wide range of interests that range from building classic wood models to flying state of the art designs in competitions.

TOSS's membership is open to anyone who applies. The cost is minimal but it does require members to also be current members of the AMA because this organization provides liability insurance to both club members and flying site owners. TOSS has access to several "flat land" permitted sites, one at Redwood Intermediate School in Thousand Oaks and one (used infrequently) at the Paramount Ranch State Park in Agoura Hills.

Redwood Intermediate School is the primary flying location which is located on Gainsborough Road in Thousand Oaks. The permit allows TOSS to use the field on Saturdays and Sundays provided the field is not being used by the school or by an organized sports activity. This is a flat field that suitable for the use of a winch, high-start or hand launched planes. (No power planes of any type are allowed.) TOSS typically flies between 9am and 1pm since that is when thermal activity is most likely (afternoon flying at this field is frustrating).

Conejo Valley Flyers